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Refined and chic, at House of Esperanto we have you covered! Our store has unique and distinguished designs that are made with a purpose to address our client's needs. At House of Esperanto, we offer the finest modern accent chairs that you are likely to come across in a very competitive market. We specialise in modern furniture, and our primary goal is to serve you to utmost satisfaction. Accent chairs with arms or without – our designs are unique and exclusive to House of Esperanto. read more
Anytime you think style and refinement, think of House of Esperanto. From occasional accent chairs to side tables for living room, everything is unique and tasteful, and we hope you will fall in love on first sight. Well known for contemporary furniture in the UK, we put a lot of effort into making sure all our designs are flawless, just as our customers would expect. Our modern accent chairs offer a variety of options to choose from, at prices representing real value. Additionally, we also offer console tables for sale, so that we cover the needs of all our customers for their beloved interior space. We specialise in making your interiors as distinguished as possible. We want you to love your home and it’s our personal mission to offer you refined and vibrant statement armchairs or other similar items of furniture - that make an impact and leave a lasting impression! The following are some of the reasons why our chairs stand out among the rest;

Unique Designs

We are bold, vibrant and soulful – not fearful of using an array of colours and mixing up patterns! At House of Esperanto we make sure our designs are unique and vibrant, nothing like any other on offer elsewhere, always keeping in mind sensible prices. We like to jazz things up, offering attractive pieces that are irresistible and soulful. Why settle for ordinary chairs and tables, when you have the select choice offered by House of Esperanto.

High Quality

The quality used in constructing a chair determines by far how long it will last. It also dictates the comfort evel significantly. House of Esperanto pays attention to the quality of our products, as customer satisfaction is crucial to our service. You are guaranteed the finest, so you don't need to worry about going back shopping anytime soon.

Well Constructed Chair Seats

Every chair’s seat is one of the most crucial features and needs to be on point. Some of the aspects that every comfortable chair should pay close attention to are the overall feel, the seating angle, the depth and width. Most of these aspects change in terms of their specifications from one person to the other. At our store, we consider the needs of all our customers and deliver real value. Your house is precious, and naturally you invest a lot in it. We appreciate this. Therefore, everything you purchase should complement your overall interior look. The type of chairs, sofas and tables you choose have a significant influence on this. Don't restrict yourself from being bold, looking tasteful and stylish - House of Esperanto is your designated destination store, to getting your interior design on point. read less


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