About us

House of Esperanto was conceived as a result of an innate passion sparked whilst designing and furnishing our own home. 

Our relentless passion to seek intriguing design-orientated items carried on well beyond completing our own project (admittedly we also kind of ran out of space!), and as a result our personal passion turned into a professional one!

We are an interiors brand full of temperament, bursting with life and obsessive for vibrant colours.

Our desire is to seek unique and beautiful pieces of furniture across the globe, enrich living spaces of all forms and to transform your house into a colourful home.

Inspired by current trends and modern classics, we source and design unique and bold pieces which add soul to any space. We hope you share the same passion as we do - in mixing things up and projecting global influences through our collection!

With compliments,

Domo de Esperanto


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